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    Areas of Use

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    Other Application Areas
    Construction of earthquake-resistant buildings, column-beam junction area,
    Bulletproof Walls, Security Buildings such as Arsenals and Police Offices
    Creed Stabilization
    Outdoor-Indoor Car Park Floor Concretes and Other Traffic Areas
    Fuel Stations
    Subway Stations
    Topping Concretes
    Cold Storage Floor Concretes
    Landscaping and Walking Trails
    Rail Concrete
    Logistics Hubs
    Waiting and Walking Areas
    In-building Screeds
    Animal Shelters
    Outdoor and Indoor Pool Concretes
    Irrigation Projects
    Hydrology and Flood Efforts
    Channel Structures
    Fresh Water and Sewage Projects
    Piled Grounds
    Anti-Seismic Structures
    Highway Curbs