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Kemerli Group

Kemerli Metal was established in Kayseri in June 2008 on an area of ​​23.000 m². It started service in order to meet the needs of the furniture and construction industry in Turkey.

Our company, which has increased both its product range and market volume over time, produces industrial staples for the mattress and furniture sector under the Kemerli brand and Kemerix brand, and steel concrete fibers for the construction sector.

Within the scope of our policy to meet customer demands and expectations at the highest level, Santel, Telsan and Abakan have recently been added to our brands and product diversity has increased.

In 2017, in parallel with the increasing demands and growing business volume, a second production facility was established in Dilovası (Kocaeli).

Our company is managed with a policy based on continuous development, statistical process control, customer satisfaction, sustainability and social responsibility with the experience it has gained since its establishment and with its modern management staff.

By displaying a customer-focused approach, it uses its resources effectively and efficiently, taking into account today’s and future expectations. Our company, which has a global culture and is advancing towards becoming a world brand by giving importance to international growth; It tries to fulfill its responsibilities in order to leave a world that can maintain economic, ecological and social conditions for future generations.

The vision of our organization, which is the leading company in the furniture and construction sector in Turkey, is to take its place among the leading companies in the sector and in the world by 2030, and it invests in sustainability by adopting the philosophy of continuous improvement in this direction.


Mission & Vision

To provide services and products compatible with Quality Standards in order to maximize customer satisfactions, perform out duties for humanity, environment and universal values, use the technological infrastructure in an efficient and effective manner and make our employees satisfied with their careers.

To be a preferred and followed company in its industry.

To observe legal and legislative requirements, satisfy customer expectations by high-quality products in a timely manner, create customers loyal to our brand, contribute to popularization of quality awareness in the society, be a pioneering enterprise regarding prevention of environmental pollution, ensure safe operation with regards to health and well-being of its employees.

Kilometre Taşlarımız

Started to manufacture staple.


Became the first domestic company with its steel wire for reinforced concrete under Kemerix brand.


Obtained ISO 9000, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 quality certificates and thus certified its quality.


Obtained CE and TSE Certificates of Conformity for Kemerix product.


Technical efforts for Kemerix product were accelerated.


Changed to a joint stock company and strengthened its organizational structure.


Took steps allowing it to surpass its competitors by its efforts for innovation.


2nd Plant of Kemerix was commissioned in Kocaeli Dilovası Organized Industrial Zone.

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